Sunday, August 5, 2012

New version 2.1.6 for PH Weather for Android is now available

V2.1.6 change logs:
  • updated standard rain intensity levels (LIGHT, MODERATE, HEAVY, INTENSE, TORRENTIAL)
  • implemented Time Zone setting
  • added Auto-hide Tab setting
  • updated AdMob SDK
  • lots of performance improvements and bug fixes

Time Zone setting and implementation will now be useful if you're adding different locations with different timezones. The date and time are now properly displayed with the location's or phone's timezone. Enjoy adding and tracking weather in different locations worldwide w/o any confusions regarding date/time.

Auto-hide Tab setting will be useful for those who want the Main Tabs to be displayed always regardless whether Portrait or Landscape mode.

Updated AdmobSDK. implemented new banner size: SMART_BANNER!

Lots of improvements! both the app and the service should not consume any processing/battery power when not in use. Yes... 0% consumption when the app is not visible (paused) or not-in-used.

Bug fixes! timezone, date and times since I just realize that the time interval differs from locations-to-locations. Most Europe countries has hourly weather interval while Philippines has 3-hour weather interval in the weather forecasts. Fixed other minor errors/bugs!

And lastly for RAIN Notification Alerts, it's now using the standard rain intensity levels that PAGASA and project NOAH also use.

Thank you very much for making PH Weather app for Android the TOP 1 Pinoy-made weather app.